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How to Drill Into Concrete

If you fancy yourself as a handy DIYer, there might come a time when a project demands that you have to drill into concrete. That said, many of you are thinking that it is a difficult task that could end in disaster. But there is no need to fret; with the proper tools and a little knowledge on the subject, you can tackle that project safely and correctly. Knowing how to drill into concrete is a skill that will come in handy, and tackling it on your own without having to call a concrete contractor will have you feeling proud and accomplished. So don’t let a seemingly daunting task such as drilling into concrete keep you from completing home projects.

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Reasons Why You Drill Into Concrete

There are several reasons why you have to drill into a concrete slab or surface. For example, you might want to hang a heavy picture or mirror on a concrete block wall. You will also need to drill into concrete should you desire lighting features on a concrete patio or attaching footers to a pergola. If you are planning on installing shelves on your cinder block garage wall, you will need to know how to drill concrete safely. You might also just need to drill a hole through a concrete wall to create a path for wiring or a pipe. Whatever the project, you will save time and money doing the drilling on your own.

All of the Right Tools

As with any household project, you will need the right tools to enjoy a successful outcome. After all, you can’t expect to drill through such a hard material using substandard equipment. A standard battery-powered drill and a traditional bit are just not enough to drill through such a hard substance. So it is vital that you use either a hammer drill or a rotary hammer drill for all concrete applications. In using these tools, you will create a quality hole for your project.

There are a number of drill bits on the market that will easily penetrate concrete. You can ask five different people which type is best, and you will get five different answers. But your best bet is to find a carbon-tipped masonry bit in the size that you will need.

Safety First

You will be drilling into concrete, and as such, you need to think about safety. This means you need to have eye protection, hearing protection, and a dust mask to keep concrete dust out of your system. You will also need to utilize a pair of heavy gloves, boots, and a long-sleeved shirt.

How to Drill Into Concrete

Create a Drilling Point– You will find it is quite challenging to begin a hole in concrete as the bit will tend to slip. Using a nailset or center punch, lightly tap on it with a hammer to create an indent in the concrete.

Depth Stop– Don’t forget to adjust the depth stop on the side of the drill. If your drill does not have such a feature, simply measure the depth on the drill bit and wrap tape above that section.

Start Drilling– Start the drilling process at a low speed and press lightly on the drill. Keep in mind that you want the drill to do most of the work. It is perfectly fine to take frequent breaks while drilling concrete as it gives yourself the opportunity to vacuum debris from the hole and for the bit to cool.

A Job Well Done

Great job! Learning how to drill into concrete means there are even more projects around the house that you are able to tackle. Having the ability to tackle DIY projects not only saves you money but it also makes you feel good about yourself. So what are you inspired to do for your next project?

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