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cracked concrete examples

Why is My Concrete Driveway Cracking?

There are several reasons why concrete cracks, and it doesn’t always mean that there is a flaw or that it was improperly poured. Where concrete cracks, when it cracks, and why it cracks varies.

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concrete and asphalt driveways

Concrete Driveway vs Asphalt Driveway

A beautiful driveway will make your home look even more spectacular. But chances are you haven’t really given your driveway much thought. You might focus on other parts of the exterior of your home, like the garden, lawn, and paint job, but your driveway is often ignored and taken for granted.

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concrete with stains

How to Remove Stains from Concrete

Cement patios, garage floors, and other concrete surfaces take a lot of daily abuse, and grease, oil, and dirt are just a few materials that can cause stains. And while nobody expects concrete patios and garage floors to be spotless, stains can be embarrassing.

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is concrete slippery graphic

Is Stamped Concrete Slippery?

You might be in need of a new patio, and you are deciding which material is best suited for your project. There are several options, including stamped concrete, pavers, and wood, all of which share pros and cons.

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what causes settling driveways graphic

Why is My Concrete Driveway Settling?

Every day when you pull up to your house after work, you cringe at your sinking driveway and wonder how bad it will get. You drive into your garage, and get out of the car, and shake your head at the disaster that has become of your concrete driveway. A neighbor walking their dog passes your home, and you know they are glaring at your unsightly driveway.

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