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stamped concrete examples

The Cons of Stamped Concrete

The ultimate goal of most homeowners is to have a beautifully landscaped yard and garden. As a homeowner, you are very proud of your manicured lawn, colorful flower garden, and perfectly painted white picky fence encompassing your property. Naturally, you blush when friends and neighbors compliment your flowers and well-kept lawn. But it is a rare occasion when somebody compliments the beauty of a patio or walkway.

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problems with concrete driveways

Problems with Concrete Driveways

You might be looking at your concrete driveway, observing the cracks and other deterioration, and wonder if it is time to have it replaced. A typical concrete driveway has a life expectancy of about 30 years or so. But that is not to say that it won’t last longer.

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choosing the right contractor

Tips for Choosing the Right Concrete Contractor

If you have a concrete project that needs to be done, the first step is to secure the right contractor for the job. The process of finding the right concrete contractor for the task is essential; you don’t want to wind up with some random contractor without a good reputation.

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cracked concrete examples

Why is My Concrete Driveway Cracking?

There are several reasons why concrete cracks, and it doesn’t always mean that there is a flaw or that it was improperly poured. Where concrete cracks, when it cracks, and why it cracks varies.

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concrete and asphalt driveways

Concrete Driveway vs Asphalt Driveway

A beautiful driveway will make your home look even more spectacular. But chances are you haven’t really given your driveway much thought. You might focus on other parts of the exterior of your home, like the garden, lawn, and paint job, but your driveway is often ignored and taken for granted.

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