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Whether you’re dreaming of a sleek driveway or considering a stamped concrete masterpiece, the world of concrete contractors has something for everyone. Today, we’re shining a spotlight on the custom driveways in Fort Collins. From the elegance of stamped concrete driveways to the nitty-gritty of concrete removal, these experts have got it all covered.

How Can Our Concrete Installation Specialists Help You?

Experts in Residential Concrete

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Concrete Driveways

Fort Collins area residents own vehicles of various sizes and types, including motorhomes, roadsters, boats, and ATVs. Driveways connecting your garage to the street must be able to accommodate vehicles of all sizes and shapes. Fort Collins weather can be unpredictable. Having custom driveways that can withstand Fort Collins weather is essential.

Stamped Concrete Driveways

Cesar’s Concrete can install concrete parking pads and custom driveways that are both durable and appealing to match the style of your home in Fort Collins. Your new concrete driveway will have the same color and appearance as natural stone but at a much lower price. You can transform your plain concrete parking pad or driveway into a cobblestone or flagstone look or choose a pattern such as a fan or basket weave.

Concrete driveways are more durable than asphalt. Cesar’s Concrete can replace your driveway if it needs to be done. We have the equipment and experience to do the job. We will ensure that the proper permits are obtained for your Fort Collins area. After the old driveway has been removed, we can install a new driveway made of concrete.

Our Expertise

Concrete Removal

Services for concrete removal and hauling away from driveways, patios, and more.

Design & Build

We can make your dream a reality.


Driveways in traditional concrete or stamped concrete, custom-designed and installed.

Garage Floors

Repairs and redesigns from traditional concrete to stamped concrete.


From traditional concrete to decoratively stamped concrete, you can create beautiful and durable patios.


Beautiful and durable stamped concrete and concrete porches.


Installing traditional concrete or decoratively stamped concrete sidewalks.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete can be designed and installed to suit your needs. Beautiful and durable.


Custom walkways, stairs and other features can be installed.

Experts in Concrete Driveway

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Other Areas We Serve

In addition to Fort Lupton, CO, we also service the following locations:

  • Fort Collins (CO)
  • Loveland (CO)
  • Johnstown (CO)
  • Mead (CO)
  • Longmont (CO)

If you’re looking for professional concrete services in any of these areas, Cesar’s Concrete is the company you can trust. Contact our team today for a free quote!

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Cesar’s Concrete’s professional installation teams will grade and compact the surface to prevent cracking or settling of the concrete driveway. We use rebar for parking pads and driveways because Fort Collins’s soils are expansive and shifty. Before using your concrete driveway, we recommend that you let it cure. This is a chemical process that strengthens and hardens concrete.

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