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Do You Need a New Driveway This Winter?

snow shovelingWinter brings the snow we so desperately need, and it creates a beautiful and serene scene for all to enjoy. But, of course, snow also means having to throw on your coat, hat, and gloves and shovel the driveway and sidewalk. We know that is a job nobody looks forward to doing. But with all the time you will be spending shoveling your driveway, it gives you a chance to take a closer look at it. And while your concrete driveway is very durable, snow, ice, moisture, and salt can wear down your driveway over time, and it could mean you need to repair or replace your driveway. A damaged driveway not only looks unsightly, but it is also a hazard. Now, cracked or stained concrete does not necessarily mean it needs to be replaced; here are a few signs that you might need a new driveway.

Winter is a Driveway’s Enemy

Winter is harsh on your driveway, and when springtime comes, you could be left with damage. The biggest reason why winter is terrible for concrete is the snow and ice. When snow and ice melt, it can penetrate the surface of your driveway. When that moisture penetrates your concrete and freezes again, the expansion can cause cracking and other problems.

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Another problem is that homeowners sometimes resort to salt to keep their driveways safe and free from ice and snow. And while salt does a tremendous job keeping your driveway ice-free and safe, it can cause damage as well. Here is a short video that gives you tips on how to keep your driveway clear in the winter.


new concrete driveway

Cracks are going to form on any concrete surface at some point; there is just no getting around that. However, cracks in your driveway do not necessarily mean it should be replaced or repaired. But keep in mind that moisture, salt, oil, and anything else that drips onto your driveway will find their way into these small cracks, and that could spell trouble later.

Small cracks are easily repaired; all you need to do is contact us for an estimate. However, wide cracks and long cracks are more of a problem and are a sign that you should consider having your driveway replaced.

Looks Bad

Once the snow and ice are cleared from your driveway, take a close look at how it looks. Over the years, sun exposure, stains, and other weather elements will give your driveway an aged look. However, a driveway that looks bad is probably already quite weak, so you might want to consider having it replaced.

There is something else to consider here, replacing your driveway will give your home a whole new look. You might not think that your driveway looks all that bad, but take a look at a freshly-poured driveway, and you will notice a huge difference.

Drainage Issues

If you have noticed that water pools up in spots on your driveway after the snow has melted, this could be a sign that you might want to replace your driveway. The water in those puddles will find a way to penetrate your driveway, so you need to have it repaired. When Cesar’s Concrete makes repairs on driveways, we ensure that your driveway will properly drain so pooling water won’t be a problem.


This is very obvious, but if there are potholes in your driveway, they need to be repaired, or your driveway needs to be replaced. Not only or holes in your driveway a safety hazard and could cause a fall, but they also pose a threat to your car. Potholes will wreak havoc on your suspension and can ruin your tires.

You can choose to do your own patchwork on your driveway, but it is only a temporary solution. DIY patch materials will not fully penetrate the little cracks in your concrete, and water will eventually work its way in and cause more damage.

Repair or Replace?

That’s a good question that isn’t easy to answer until there has been a thorough inspection. But if the cost of repairs climbs up pretty high, it just might make more sense to have the entire driveway replaced. In addition, a repaired driveway is on borrowed time, while a new driveway will be around for a very long time.

If your driveway has suffered the wrath of winter and is in need of some professional attention, we can help. We can evaluate your driveway and make a determination on the best course of action. A new concrete driveway will give you an added boost in curb appeal, and you will sleep well at night knowing that your new driveway will be trouble-free for years to come.

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