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How Long Does a Concrete Driveway Last?

How long does a concrete driveway last? Concrete driveways can last for decades with the right care and maintenance. They are a significant investment that you don’t have to make often. When properly maintained, concrete driveways can be highly durable.

At Cesar’s Concrete, we have been protecting and repairing concrete driveways for over thirty years. Through our experience, we have witnessed firsthand the durability of concrete driveways.

In this article, we will provide you with information on how long your concrete driveway can last and offer some valuable tips on how to maximize its lifespan. By following these tips, you can ensure that your concrete driveway stands the test of time and continues to serve you for many years to come.

How Long Does a Concrete Driveway Last?

The lifespan of a driveway made from concrete depends on a number of factors. However, if it is properly maintained, the driveway can last anywhere between 20-50 years.

What Influences the Lifespan of a Concrete Driveway?

The climate in which you live, how well the driveway is maintained, and its quality can all affect the lifespan of a driveway.


Concrete’s lifespan is affected by the weather, such as rain, snow, and UV exposure. Concrete in cold climates, with lots of snow and rain, will be constantly exposed to moisture, and the freeze-thaw cycle, which can lead to premature damage.

The sun’s ultraviolet rays will also affect the durability of your concrete driveway.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Concrete driveways require regular maintenance, just as any other concrete surface.

Applying a penetrating sealer and cleaning your concrete surface regularly will protect it against moisture, sun damage, and other factors.

The concrete driveway will be protected from moisture that can cause cracks to worsen and the slabs settle if you caulk the cracks.

You can avoid having to replace the driveway slabs in the future if you have them leveled by a concrete professional as soon as possible. Contact our team today at Cesar’s Concrete for an estimate!

Original Concrete Quality

The durability of a driveway is also influenced by the quality of the concrete and the installation process.

If the concrete was made with the incorrect ratio of ingredients or the wrong type of cement was used, the chances of it lasting for 50 years are slimmer.

Proper installation with the required expansion joints or control joints is crucial to prevent cracking or breakdown of the concrete.


How to Make Your Concrete Driveway Last Longer

These tips will help you to ensure that your concrete driveway is as durable as possible.

Maintain and Repair Your Vehicle Regularly

Sealing your concrete with a high-quality penetrating sealer can protect it against many types of damage. These include excess moisture, stains, mold, and salt.

It is important to seal any cracks, gaps, or breaks in concrete. This will protect it from soil erosion and water damage.

If you notice that your slabs have settled, lift and level them as soon as you can to prevent further settling and cracking. This can also make the repair more expensive.

Shovel Snow and Skip the Salt

Salt and deicing agents may seem like a good idea, but they can damage your concrete. Salt can be reduced by using natural traction improvers like wood chips or sand.

You should also make sure to remove the snow from the concrete as quickly as possible, in order to keep it as warm.

Snow on concrete can cause moisture to enter pores and then expand. The concrete surface will become damaged as more cycles of freeze-thaw occur with moisture.

Re-route Downspouts

You should redirect any gutter downspouts, or other drainage system that is flowing toward your driveway.

When it rains and there’s a constant flow of water, the soil or sub-materials that hold up your driveway will eventually wash away.

If the slabs are not repaired, voids can form underneath them, which can eventually lead to cracks and sinking. That’s why it is important to fill in any voids as soon as you notice them to prevent further damage.

Get Rid of Pests

Rodents such as mice and chipmunks, while small and seemingly harmless, can cause damage to your driveway. They weaken the slab’s foundation as they dig and live under it.

The critters can create a network of tunnels or voids beneath the slabs over time which can cause concrete to sink. Snakes can also cause this problem, in addition to rodents.

You can preserve the concrete driveway by using DIY methods, such as setting traps and repellents. Or, you can hire a company to do it for you.

How Long Does a Concrete Driveway Last

Keep Tree Roots At Bay

The roots of trees can cause serious problems if they are planted too close to concrete or a house.

Unchecked roots can cause concrete slabs to move out of alignment, causing them to crack. The roots will continue to grow in this situation, so the only way to fix the problem is by removing the roots and replacing the slab.

To maintain an even, level driveway and to prevent cracking, it may be necessary for the roots cut back, or the entire tree to be removed.

Restrict Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment should not be allowed on your driveway when you are having work done. Examples of heavy equipment that you should avoid allowing on your driveway include:

  • Dumpsters
  • Tree company equipment
  • Heavy box trucks for moving
  • Concrete mixing trucks
  • Delivery trucks for gravel or mulch

Concrete used in residential driveways may crack or crumble when heavy vehicles or equipment drive or park on it.

Keep Your Concrete Driveway in Good Shape With Cesar’s Concrete

You now know how long a concrete driveway can last. It could be decades! You can use the tips in this article to keep your concrete driveway as long-lasting as possible.

Join the countless satisfied customers who have entrusted Cesar’s Concrete with maintaining and repairing their driveways. Call us now to get a free on-site cost estimate.

Contact us to learn about the options you have and get a no-obligation quote.

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