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How To Choose A Concrete Contractor

“So Cesar just finished a big job for us. We had our driveway redone and had steps on our walkout lot put in.  The steps are amazing! Also had a small pad done under our back deck stairs. We called them on a Sunday and he came out that afternoon to look at the job. He started the driveway the following Thursday.  Could not be happier with the job they did. Such hard workers and Cesar is one of the nicest guys.” Emily Mahoney, Five Stars, Google Reviews

As Emily demonstrates so perfectly in her glowing review, we are a concrete contractor that not only cares about how we are perceived in the communities we serve, but we care about the quality of every single job we complete — big or small. Serving Northern Colorado for over a quarter of a century gives us the experience and industry knowledge required to complete concrete jobs of all kinds, be it commercial, residential, or whatever the case may be.

Below you will find some tips for choosing a concrete contractor. Though it’s not a secret that we have a horse in this race, as we are Fort Collins concrete contractors ourselves, we want the good people of Northern Colorado to be well-informed about the industry — so enjoy these tips and tricks of the trade we have on offer.

Areas We Serve

However, before we get to those tips and tricks, we might as well tell you a little bit about our Loveland concrete company while we are at it. And yes, we realize, that we wrote “Fort Collins concrete contractor” above, and now we are calling ourselves a “Loveland concrete contractor.” This is because we serve Windsor, Greeley, Berthoud, Longmont, Johnstown, Loveland, Fort Collins, and pretty much everywhere else in-between that’s up and down the Northern Colorado Front Range. Although we are based in Johnstown, we have a fairly wide service area, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you happen to be outside the aforementioned areas we serve! So, that is why we can call ourselves a “Johnstown concrete company” or a “Longmont concrete contractor.” We might also refer to ourselves as a Windsor concrete company later on…you never know.

Our Background At Cesar’s Concrete

For over 20 years, we’ve been offering high-quality concrete services for folks looking for it. So if you happened to have found this page by typing something into your smartphone that’s similar to “concrete contractor near me,” you’ve come to the right place. But there is more to our organization than simply completing the work requested of us. Cesar Mendoza, our owner and founder, is a man who was raised with certain principles always in mind. The youngest of five children, Cesar has instilled his fantastic work ethic from top to bottom into our company. Cesar has made sure that his core principles of integrity, quality, and responsibility are reflected by our staff on each individual project we complete. No matter if we are talking about a custom concrete driveway or a new concrete patio to enjoy these spectacular Colorado sunsets, you can rest assured that your project will be up to your standards. What’s more, Cesar personally visits each project to make sure that our internal standards are met in every regard. That’s the kind of personal touch you want to look for when you are figuring out how to choose the right concrete contractor for your next project. (Did you see what we did there? We told you how to choose a concrete contractor, while talking about our own concrete company!)

Choosing The Right Concrete Contractor

Later on, we’ll highlight our range of concrete services, among them being residential concrete driveway installation, concrete patios, walkways, commercial concrete projects of many kinds, and much more. A general rule for you to remember is that if it has to do with concrete repair or concrete replacement projects, we here at Cesar’s Concrete have got you covered.

At this point, however, we’d like to write more generally about picking the right local concrete company. Below, you’ll find some tips that tap into our wealth of industry knowledge over the years. That being said, our experience is our own, and each situation is different. So while we recommend considering these pointers before and during your selection process, we’d like to point out that there is no “right way” of doing this. However, there certainly are some WRONG ways to choose a concrete contractor.

The good news is that, because you’ve already made your way to this page, you are not doing it the wrong way, which is to NOT do your homework on any company whatsoever. Let’s get into some specifics.

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Doing homework doesn’t have to involve you becoming an amateur private eye, learning everything there is to know about each concrete contractor within 100 square miles. Of course, you could do that, but you might end up getting a few weird looks from the company you end up using when they catch you peering over the fence of their worksite.

More seriously, our point is that you should take a look at what kind of projects a given company has a solid track record of completing. Look at their concrete services and a gallery of past work completed if you are able to. Beyond that, ask some friends you trust if they know of any company that they’ve worked with, or a contractor who they know to be reputable. If you’ve just moved to the area, go make some friends with your neighbors! Seriously, get some word-of-mouth referrals. They are incredibly valuable for one key reason; if you get led astray, you can go straight to that person who told you wrong and demand $5,000. Those are the rules, and rules are rules.

That was a joke. But the point remains that there is a great chance you’ll get a reliable recommendation for that same reason.

Online Reputation

It’s the 21st-century, and that means that you don’t have to ask your neighbors for everything, because there’s something called the internet. On this internet, you can surf the world wide web to find out what other people’s experiences have been like when working with certain concrete contractors, among other activities you can perform while you surf. But unless you’ve been living in the wilderness since the 90s, you probably are already familiar with Google Reviews and Yelp. For the record, we at Cesar’s Concrete are a concrete company with a sterling reputation online. So our second recommendation is to check out some online reviews.

And while we are talking about our online reputation, here is one of our favorite reviews we’ve received over the past year or so, left on our Google Reviews profile:

“We were very impressed with this company from the initial contact on the phone until the completed project! Tyler was able to come out and give us a bid within 24 hours. I had already received other bids, and I was able to make an educated decision by going with this company. They were very good at communicating with me and deciding the color and pattern of the driveway. They were prompt, efficient and courteous. I have absolutely no complaints and would recommend this company to anyone looking to improve the curb appeal of their house!” – Kathryn Radke, Five Stars, 5/18

When you get called adjectives like “prompt, efficient, and courteous,” it makes you feel great, for sure. But it also helps folks like our readers realize that this is a Loveland Greeley “concrete contractor near me” worth learning more about!

What Does Great Customer Service Look Like?

Another recommendation is to go with a “concrete contractor near me” that is punctual, respectful, communicative, and just plain friendly. You want to work with good people, nice people, the kind of people you could get a beer with. And don’t worry, we at Cesar’s won’t be expecting you to invite us to happy hour by any means, but we are friendly, respectable folks. Cesar has established this concrete company of Northern Colorado with a dedication to hiring people who have integrity; people who take pride in their work whether it’s a massive commercial job that will receive major attention or a smaller residential job. It’s all the same to us, we’ll complete the project with excellence. As we’ve mentioned before, Cesar personally visits each site to ensure the concrete project is up to our own internal standards.

Speak To Previous Clients

Let’s backtrack a little bit and talk about referrals and references again. When you’ve narrowed down your selection process to one or two candidates, we recommend not being afraid to ask them for some references of their own previous clients, so you can get first-hand knowledge, straight “from the horse’s mouth,” if you will, as to how your potential concrete service provider will go about their business for the project you have in mind. Feel free to ask that former client questions about promptness, if the staff was respectful, if they completed the job according to your specifications, if you were communicated with effectively throughout the process, if they remained within your predetermined budget, and if they would use them again down the road, to name a few ideas.

Make Sure They Are Insured, And Licensed

Did you know that if you choose a concrete contractor that isn’t both licensed and insured that you might be held responsible if someone gets hurt while working on your property — whether there was a hazardous work environment or otherwise? It’s true, you might be. For no other reason than that, we’d recommend you absolutely make sure your selected contractor has all their proverbial ducks in a row. So if you happen to be considering a buddy’s company of yours, perhaps a company that is still in the early stages of establishment, you absolutely must insist that they cross the Ts and dot their Is with regard to this seemingly red bureaucratic tape. Speaking of that color red, it’s a flag saturated in that hue if you encounter a company that refuses to show you proof of the fact that they are insured and licensed. That being said, it’s worth your time, so get it done.

Don’t Choose The Lowest Price Over All Other Factors

The local concrete contractor you elect to go with needs to provide affordable concrete services — this isn’t a novel concept — seeing as how you don’t want to go broke over a new concrete driveway installation. But it’s also important to realize that there are more factors than cost alone worth considering. You need to realize that some contractors will bid above what you had in mind, while others beneath it. While the least expensive option might look good on paper, it’s more than likely the case that once you take a look at referrals, online reviews, and past work, it’s clear that price isn’t the only variable on the table. Put another way, “Buy it nice, or buy it twice,” as your grandpa might have used to say.

Northern Colorado’s Top Rated Concrete Services

Whether we are discussing commercial concrete services or residential concrete services, we’ve got you covered at Cesar’s Concrete. We hope that you have found the above guidance practical, whether you end up reaching out to us to learn more about what we can do for you or not. At the end of the day, we want you to be comfortable and satisfied with your decision, and a huge part of that is in the end result of your project.

So if you are looking into the process of selecting a “concrete contractor near me,” you now know where to start. Of course, we are biased, but we believe that Cesar’s Concrete is an even better place to end your search. Check out our gallery, check out our client reviews, and then give us a call to get your free quote. We’d love to hear from you!


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