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How to Restore a Damaged Concrete Driveway

There is a condition that a lot of homeowners suffer when they have lived in the same house for many years; they become houseblind. This is a condition in which homeowners overlook all of the minor problems in and around their homes. For example, the linoleum floor in the guest bathroom is outdated and quite hideous. Yet, the homeowner has put off having it replaced and is oblivious to the fact that it desperately needs to go. All they see is a floor that is a little dated. You might think that you don’t need the exterior of your home painted, but neighbors and friends who pay you a visit clearly see how badly your house needs a coat of fresh paint. And while you somehow can’t see that your driveway has seen better days, everybody else sees the worn-out concrete as an eyesore. While you can’t turn back the clock on your eyesore of a concrete driveway, there are ways in which you can give it a fresh new look without having to have it replaced.

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Restore or Replace?

No matter how much attention you give your driveway, at some point, it will have to be replaced. But just because your driveway is old and shows telltale signs of aging, it does not necessarily mean you should have it replaced. There are signs of aging, like small cracks and chips, that can be easily repaired, and replacement is unnecessary. However, there are a few signs that indicate the need for a new driveway.

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Soap It, Scrub It, Spray It Off

Over the years, your driveway will suffer all sorts of mini disasters. For example, you let a relative park their car in your driveway for a week, only to discover that it had a pretty bad oil leak. Well, that is going to leave a mark, to be sure. There are any number of instances in which your driveway will get stains, and this will have your driveway looking rather dire. But it does not mean you should have it replaced; simply clean it up.

There are several products on the market that do a good job cleaning concrete. In most cases, you simply apply the product to the concrete, scrub it down and then rinse it off. So you will also need a quality scrub brush, and it doesn’t hurt to invest in a power scrubber. You can get a power scrubber that simply attaches to your garden hose, or you can spend a little extra money and get a pressure sprayer. A powerful pressure sprayer will have your driveway looking new again in no time. Here is an article about how to clean stains from your concrete driveway.

Resurfacing Your Driveway

There are several reasons why you should resurface your driveway, and they include pitting, small cracks, discoloration, and a crumbling surface. And while you can pay your local concrete contractor to do the work, it is a project that any homeowner with minimal skills and a little patience can probably tackle in a day.

Before you begin your resurfacing project, make sure to give the driveway a thorough cleaning. If your driveway has larger cracks or holes, those will have to be repaired using a patching compound before you resurface. You will need to take a trip to your local home improvement center to pick up some concrete resurfacer, which is quite different than traditional cement. If you would like a more detailed article about driveway resurfacing, this is an excellent choice.

Upgrading Your Driveway

Perhaps your driveway is looking rather alarming, and you are considering what should be done. If you are ready for a change and would like to upgrade your driveway, you can’t go wrong with paver stone or pavers. There are pavers on the market specifically designed to go right on top of your existing driveway.

While updating your concrete driveway with pavers is a project that homeowners can tackle, you do need to have some knowledge of the process. If you would prefer to have the project completed by a professional, there are plenty of contractors that specialize in this sort of work.

Enjoying Your Beautiful Driveway

Whatever way you decide to restore your concrete driveway, it is sure to look once again as good as new. Concrete is one of the most favored materials for driveways for many reasons, including longevity, cost, and the fact that it requires very little maintenance on the homeowner’s part. However, you should still do your best to keep your driveway clean and have it sealed every couple of years. If you have any questions about resurfacing your concrete driveway, contact us, and we will be happy to help.

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