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It’s Time to Expand Your Driveway

extended drivewayYou might not know it, but your driveway is an essential part of your home. In addition to being functional and practical, driveways are often the center of attention when people drive by your home. And having a driveway that is too short or too narrow to meet your parking needs can be quite frustrating as well as inconvenient. You might think that the work and cost involved in expanding your driveway might be overwhelming. The truth is that expanding your concrete driveway is a viable and affordable solution to your dilemma. There are several reasons why it makes perfect sense for you to expand your driveway, and there are a few things you need to know about expanding your driveway.

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What You Should Know About Expanding Your Driveway

Research Regulations– The first step to expanding your driveway is to ensure that your city will allow it. It will take a little effort on your part, but you can find out how long or wide you can make your garage, the permits you need to get, and any regulations you need to abide by.

Check for Obstacles– When you are trying to decide which direction you want to expand your driveway, you need to make sure that area is clear of any obstacles. Obviously, you will want to clear out any trees or bushes that might be in the way, but you will also want to ensure that roots are cleared out as well.

Don’t Be Cheap– You might find a concrete contractor who is willing to take on your driveway expansion for a very low price. And while you might be tempted to accept the cheapest option, it might not be a good idea. Regardless of the estimate, you want to hire a concentrator with a good reputation and who has knowledge of such a project.

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Reasons to Expand Your Driveway

Off-Street Parking– It’s never convenient having to park your car in the street. It is also worrisome that something bad could happen to your vehicle when it is parked in the street. And you will appreciate not having to haul all of those bags of groceries from the street into your home.

Less Mowing– This is a nice perk when you have your driveway expanded. Obviously, when you expand your driveway, you will be losing some yard, which means less grass to mow, water, and otherwise maintain.

Added Value– Sure, you have to spend money on your driveway expansion, but you will recover some of that when you sell your home. As with most any significant home improvement, expanding your driveway could add value to your home. Better still, it will make your home more desirable for people interested in buying a home.

More Space– Having a bigger driveway means there is more room for vehicles, which is great if you have teens living at home who own cars. But it also means you have extra space for a camper, trailer, or other large objects that would otherwise have to be parked offsite or in the street. In addition, a bigger driveway means your family can enjoy more space for recreational activities like shooting hoops, skateboarding, and jumping rope.

big drivewayBig Trucks– Trucks and SUVs are more popular than ever, and there is a good chance you own a big truck or SUV and are squeezed for space. An expanded driveway means it is possible to park your full-size truck next to your full-size SUV with room to spare.

Easy Access– A narrow driveway means there is a chance that you will scrape the side of your vehicle when loading or unloading large items. An expanded driveway gives you more room to maneuver around your vehicles. In addition, a more extensive driveway is ideal for those who need to utilize a wheelchair or those who need to maneuver a stroller through your driveway.

Make a Statement– Your home is your castle, and you will be even more proud of it with a large driveway. When you pull up to your home and turn into the driveway, it will be a proud moment, to be sure. There is nothing wrong with making a statement with your big driveway.

Get Creative

If you are thinking about expanding your driveway, there are other projects you can opt for that will improve the overall look of your home. For example, you can have stamped or colored concrete, which will go a long way in making your driveway beautiful. You can also have a concrete planter installed along the edge of your driveway to make up for the lawn you are losing. You can also have a walkway installed through your front garden.

If you are interested in expanding your driveway, you probably have a lot of questions. We invite you to contact us to get more information about cost and other factors to consider when expanding your driveway.

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