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What Does Concrete Cost In Northern Colorado?

One of the first questions we get asked from potential Northern Colorado home owners, looking to do a concrete project is: How much will a concrete project cost?  This page is designed as a complete guide on what factors influence concrete pricing and also to show you examples of work that Cesar’s Concrete has done in the past, and what the associated prices are in today’s numbers.

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A Guide To How Much A Concrete Project Costs

Although describing the costs associated with doing a concrete project can be complicated, we will do our best to outline the process as detailed as possible to help you in your research for doing a concrete project. 

The purchase of either getting new concrete, or replacing old/ damaged concrete is much like purchasing a new vehicle. With so many options available, pricing can vary tremendously. 

Just as a basic Honda can cost as low as $18,000, it can quickly go to $25,000 or even $30,000+ depending on what features you would like with the car. So if the average American only keeps a car for on average of 3 years, then why do people pay such different amounts for a vehicle that essentially does the same thing? The answer is most people understand the importance of getting what the want the FIRST time so that way they can avoid any big regrets down the road.

The same principles apply to most homeowners who are shopping for a new concrete driveway or patio.

Just like other shoppers you will want to consider how you want your concrete to look, how strong it is, and look at it to ensure maximum enjoyment with minimum maintenance or repairs down the line. Because of this, most homeowners decide to go with a concrete contractor and project that will give them maximum enjoyment in the long-run.

Regrettably, some homeowners decide to go with the cheapest initial cost for any given concrete project, therefore sacrificing things like quality workmanship, buying experience, warranty, and how long their project will last. This always ultimately ends up with many homeowners regretting the decision they made initially. Especially considering your concrete can’t be turned in or traded like purchasing a car or some other household item. Once concrete work has been done it will be much harder (and more expensive) to tear everything up and re-do it down the line.

Some of the common items that can affect concrete project pricing are:

  •  Project Size
  • Access to the project site
  • Strength of concrete
  • Prep work needed
  • Concrete Reinforcement
  • Warranty of contractor
  • Customer service of installing contractor
  • Design of concrete
  • Time of year

Concrete Driveway Projects and Costs

Are you a homeowner in Northern Colorado and are interested in getting concrete work done at your house, but have no idea how much a project will cost? This page is designed to show you examples of work that Cesar’s Concrete has done in the past, and what the associated prices are in today’s numbers.

concrete driveway

Total Investment Cost – $14,000

Large concrete driveway with a smooth border design. Replaced existing driveway and made larger. Installed new concrete base and rebar reinforcement. Square footage 1200.

concrete driveway

Total Investment Cost – $12,000

Colored concrete driveway with a sealer applied. Replaced existing driveway, added new base, added rebar reinforcement. Square footage – 900

concrete driveway

Total Investment Cost – $29,750

Wrap Around Concrete Driveway Installation. New build home with no existing concrete removal. Rebar reinforcement. Square footage 3500

Stamped Concrete Examples and Costs Associated

stamped concrete patio

Investment Cost – $31,200

Large Stamped Concrete Patio with 2 layers, 2 designs, same color. Removed existing small patio and replaced. Square footage, 1500.

stamped concrete patio

Investment Cost – $18,000

Large Stamped Concrete Patio with one design. Raised patio 4″ to level area, less prep work involved because there was just dirt. Square Footage, 1000. (Did not include fire pit)

stamped concrete driveway

Total Investment  – $43,500

Large Wrap Around Stamped Concrete Driveway. Demoed and replaced existing driveway. Square footage, 2500.

concrete walkway

Investment Cost – $7,900

Front Walkway in Windsor. Demoed existing walkway and replaced. Square footage, 280.

Concrete Patio Examples and Costs Associated

concrete patio

Total  Cost – $22,900

Large patio with tiered stairs and a stamped concrete border fire pit area. New build home so no landscape removal. Half of the raised patio already existed. Square footage 1100

concrete porch

Total Investment – $7,900

Colored Patio with Smooth Border. No Existing landscaping removed. Square footage 700

concrete patio

Total Investment Cost – $7,425

Patio with indented step. New build so no existing landscaping to remove. Square footage 500

Smaller Concrete Projects

concrete pads

Total Investment – $5,700

Concrete Sidewalk with ramp. Removed existing landscaping. Square footage 200

cement walkway

Total Investment – $3,600

Concrete sidewalk replacement. Removed existing sidewalk and replaced. Square Footage 87.5


Total Investment  – $6,150

Walkway from backyard to front. Total length 80′


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