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Reasons to Choose a Broom Finish Concrete Patio

Broom finishes play a crucial role in concrete construction, serving both safety and aesthetic purposes. These finishes enhance traction, lowering the likelihood of slips by providing a textured surface. This makes them well-suited for various applications, such as walkways, driveways, and pool decks. 

In this blog, we will delve into the specific advantages and uses of broom finishes, emphasizing their cost-effectiveness and slip resistance.


Why Choose a Broom Finish for Your Concrete Patio

Slip Resistance for Safer Surfaces

Broom finishes are primarily chosen for their capacity to minimize slipping incidents. This finish lessens the chances of falling and slipping by introducing a textured, grittier surface. This is particularly valuable in situations where the surface might be wet or contaminated. Hence, it proves to be an excellent option for places susceptible to moisture, like walkways and pool decks.

Aesthetics That Stand Out

Broom finishing not only ensures safety but also boosts the visual attractiveness of concrete surfaces. These finishes serve a decorative purpose, injecting a splash of color onto a typically flat surface. The arrangement of the broom’s bristles can be varied in different patterns, offering room for creativity and customization. The resulting texture adds character, turning ordinary concrete into a visually appealing feature.


Broom finishes are versatile in not only ensuring safety and enhancing aesthetics but also in concealing minor imperfections. The roughened texture of the finish minimizes the visibility of small flaws and cracks. Additionally, this texture offers resistance to wear and abrasion, contributing to the long-term durability of concrete surfaces. Such a finish is particularly suitable for areas with high traffic, where functionality and durability are essential considerations.

Practicality and Cost-Effectiveness

Broom finishes stand out as a cost-effective option compared to other decorative finishes. Achieving a broom finish is straightforward – just drag a broom across newly poured concrete. This choice is economical since it doesn’t involve additional equipment or materials. This practical solution is highly suitable for contractors and property owners, offering both affordability and effectiveness. Importantly, it doesn’t compromise safety or style.

The benefits of a broom finish in concrete construction are manifold. These finishes prove practical for various applications, whether it’s improving slip resistance, enhancing aesthetics, or concealing imperfections. When opting for a broom finish, it’s crucial to consider safety and specific requirements to ensure optimal results.

When Is Concrete Ready for a Broom-Finish?

Concrete is ready for a broom finish when it’s firm and doesn’t yield to the push of a hand or finger. However, it should still be soft on top, allowing a stiff broom to leave marks. The same process applies when resurfacing a slab. The concrete needs to be hard enough so that a broom won’t remove the resurfacer, but not too soft that it doesn’t create the desired texture.

Balancing the timing between too soon and too late might take some practice. A useful tip is to use your finger to ensure you don’t leave imprints on the concrete. If there are no imprints, lightly score the surface. This marks the beginning of the enjoyable part of the process.

Basic Techniques of Broom Finishing Concrete

Mastering the basics of broom finishing for concrete is straightforward, whether you prefer straight lines or patterns. To ensure success, remember these techniques:

  • Choose the Right Bristles

Imprint concrete using a stiff bristle brush made of synthetic (nylon) or natural (horsehair). Stiff bristles are essential for a good impression.

  • Use the Right Concrete Mixture

Pour a concrete mixture specifically designed for broom finishing, including retarders to slow down drying time. The working time is crucial to achieve the desired result.

  • Time it Right

Wait until the slab is soft enough to imprint with a broom but still walkable. Testing different times is crucial as the timing window is narrow.

  • Apply Constant Pressure

Drag the broom lightly across the surface with constant pressure and direction. Applying too much pressure can ruin a finish that is intended to be textured.

  • Experiment with Decorative Elements

Experiment with different bristle textures, colors, and patterns of movement to create a decorative look. Mastering the timing may take some practice, so be patient.

Following these steps will help you achieve a successful broom finish on your concrete surface.

Creative Ideas for Decorative Broom Designs

It’s evident that broom finishes serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose, providing texture and visual appeal. As a safety precaution, lightly dragging the broom in a single direction can create a secure and visually pleasing surface. You can also inject some creativity into your concrete by incorporating fun designs.

Whether you opt for the traditional straight drag or decide to add characters with different shapes and colors, you can achieve a safe and attractive outcome. Consider these ideas to make your broom finish unique:


Alternate the direction of the broom strokes to create a diamond or zigzag pattern.


Sweep in circles or curved lines instead of straight ones.


Outline the border using a different texture or color of broom for added visual interest.


Experiment with square and triangular imprints on the broom for a contemporary look.


Introduce colored broom fibers or tint the concrete to add extra vibrancy.

While expressing your creativity, ensure the texture remains safe and effective. Strike a balance between a visually appealing design and a secure surface.

Choose the Right Bristle Material and Broom Type

When finishing concrete, not all brooms are the same in performance. The material of the bristles, their stiffness, and other factors significantly influence how the broom leaves its mark on the surface. Here are some good options:

  • Horsehair: A classic choice that leaves subtle lines on the surface.
  • Nylon: Extra-stiff synthetic fibers create deeper imprints for a more pronounced texture.
  • Polypropylene: Softer and more supple than nylon, allowing for very smooth surfaces.
  • Plastics: Basic utility finishes suitable for various applications.

Choosing the right broom with the desired bristle material and stiffness is crucial to achieving the desired finish on your concrete surface.

Tips to Achieve a High-Quality Broom Finish

Here are some additional tips for achieving a quality broom finish:

  1. Smooth Surface Preparation: Utilize a magnesium float to even out the concrete surface before proceeding to leveling and finishing.
  2. Imprinting Timing: Wait until the water has completely evaporated before imprinting. Using water during this stage can compromise your design’s strength.
  3. Work in Sections: For optimal coverage, tackle the project in manageable sections rather than attempting to finish the entire surface at once.
  4. Consistent Broom Strokes: Maintain uniformity in both the direction and pressure of your broom strokes. Overlapping strokes ensure a consistent finish.
  5. Broom Maintenance: Rinse and dry your broom after each use to preserve bristle stiffness and cleanliness for future applications.
  6. Avoid Overlapping Corners: While brushing up the edges is important, refrain from brushing across corners to prevent overlapping issues.
  7. Cure and Seal Application: Post-finishing, enhance the surface by applying a cure and seal product for added protection and an improved overall appearance.
  8. Patience Pays Off: Exercise patience during the finishing process. Rushing can jeopardize the smooth finish, so take the time needed to ensure quality.

Remember, a successful broom finish involves a combination of technique, timing, and diligence. Following these tips diligently will contribute to a well-executed concrete surface.

Broom Finish Concrete Patio

How to Care for a Broom Finish Over Time

A high-quality broom finish can endure for decades with proper care. Based on our experience, regularly sweeping with a stiff broom prevents dirt buildup. To clean the concrete effectively without causing damage, use a low-pressure pressure washer. For added protection, reapply a cure-and-seal product every two to four years.

Avoid dragging heavy or sharp objects over the finish, as it can easily scratch. To prevent damage from freeze-thaw cycles, eliminate standing water and ice. Periodically reapply colored finishes or stains to maintain a fresh appearance.

Swiftly address any cracks to prevent further deterioration. When using chemicals for repairs, exercise caution and wear eye and hand protection. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maximum durability. If uncertain about concrete repair, seek professional advice.

Maintaining your concrete surface becomes simpler with these guidelines. Regular sweeping, cautious use and timely repairs contribute to its long-lasting quality.

Is Broom Finish Concrete Worth the Effort and Time?

Achieving the best concrete finish involves essential broom finishing, well worth the extra time and cost. The small ridges made by stiff broom bristles play a crucial role in preventing slipperiness. Unfinished concrete can be hazardous due to its slippery nature.

Adding a broom finish not only provides texture but also enhances the appeal of an otherwise plain slab. It allows for creative patterns, colors, and borders, turning it into a unique landscape feature.

For beginners, the fast pace required to imprint textures may be intimidating. However, with practice and patience, mastering the basics is possible. Starting with a simple utility finish is advisable before attempting more intricate designs. Focus on becoming comfortable with timing and texture.

The payoff for your efforts is concrete which not only performs better but also looks great and demands less attention. This investment ensures durability, safety, and style for your concrete slab.

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