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Reasons to Upgrade Your Concrete Patio

concrete patiosFor many years, concrete has had a bad reputation for being dreary and dull. In the past, this was a fair assessment, but a lot has changed over the years. Today’s concrete is greatly improved; it’s not the same concrete you grew up with. As a matter of fact, it is an excellent choice for a backyard patio. The fact that your current patio looks dull and boring might have to do with its age. Perhaps it is time to have your concrete patio upgraded. And if you are still throwing backyard barbecues on your old and outdated wood deck, we have several reasons why you should replace it with a concrete patio. Besides, you have to be sick and tired of dealing with rotting wood, messy sealers, and warped planks.

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Why We are Passionate About Concrete

Style– Forget about the dreary slabs of concrete your parents had in the backyard; they are a dying breed. Modern concrete patios offer a range of styles that are all but unlimited. Think about how sweet your patio will look when it’s stamped, stenciled, or colored. The sky’s the limit when your concrete patio can look like wood, stone, or pavers.

Low Maintenance– If you are a homeowner with a wood deck, we guess you spend a lot of time sealing and resealing it, replacing broken planks, and dealing with rotting wood. Well, you can kiss all those tasks goodbye when you have a concrete patio installed. All you need to worry about is the occasional sealing.

Affordable– A stamped or stenciled concrete patio only looks expensive. Concrete patios remain an affordable option compared to some other patio materials. The best part of that is people will look at your patio and think you spent a fortune on it. But we will never tell them what you really paid for it.

Durability– Your concrete patio will last a very long time without causing any problems. It is very likely that your patio will still be properly functioning after 20 or 30 years. Once the project is complete, you won’t have to worry about your patio for a very long time.

Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Patio

Concrete patios last a long time, but they won’t last forever. So if your patio is showing signs of wear, like cracking and chipping, then it could be time to have it replaced. Not only do cracks and chips make your patio look bad, but they are safety hazards as well.

Since concrete is a better option for wet areas, there is a good chance that an older patio has some moisture trapped in it. This is an issue that should be dealt with before problems occur. Concrete patios also attract dirt and debris that builds up over time. The result is a slab of concrete that doesn’t look terribly attractive.

Concrete expands and contracts due to seasonal temperature variations and, after some time, will become uneven. If this is the only problem with your patio, you are in luck. An uneven patio can be fixed by adding a new layer. You can then have that layer stamped or stenciled and have a beautiful-looking patio that looks brand new.

Ways to Beautify Your Patio

concrete patio

Whether you have a stamped concrete patio or plain concrete patio, there are many ways in which you can make it more attractive. After all, nobody wants a dull patio. In addition, there are several ways to spruce up your patio that don’t require a contractor or a hefty amount of money.

One of the simplest ways you can dress up your patio is with the addition of a large outdoor rug. However, there are a few considerations you should know. Just as you can buy an outdoor rug that is too small for your patio, it is also possible to buy a rug that is too big. You want the rug to be big enough that it can be seen and not totally covered by furniture, but not so big as to cover the entire patio.

Just as beautifully potted plants add to the overall look and feel of your indoor space, they will also add beauty to your outdoor space. This can be as simple as heading to your local nursery and buying a few unique pots and some plants. You can also choose to have a contractor build you some custom planter for your patio. Either way, this is a great way to give your patio a colorful look.custom pergola on concrete patio

Have a custom pergola built over your patio, and it will transform your entire outdoor space. A pergola not only looks great, but it also offers several other benefits. For example, a pergola can be constructed with a roof to create a nice shaded area on your patio. They also help keep your backyard more private.

If you are in the market for a new patio or if you think your existing patio could use an upgrade, contact us and let’s have a conversation. Your outdoor space is just as important as your indoor space, and it is wise to invest in it. With an attractive and functional patio, you and your family will want to spend more time outside creating wonderful memories that will stick with you for the rest of your life.

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