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Stamped Concrete Patio Design 101

How To Design Your Stamped Concrete Patio 101

So you are wanting to get new stamped concrete installed at your home, but you are in the dilemma of figuring out the design you like best?

We get that.

As stamped concrete installers in Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Windsor, and the surrounding areas, we see many people get stuck on the design and color they would like and it’s not hard to see why.

Once stamped concrete work is done, it is quite literally set in stone, and this decision can be stressful.

If you’re not sure how to make up your mind about what stamped concrete you want, this article can help you learn about your options and help you think through how to design your stamped concrete project.

These will be the topics discussed:

  1. Patio size
  2. Patio Layout
  3. Stamp Design
  4. Color options
  5. Design Add on’s for stamped concrete

Stamped Concrete Patio Size

Stamped concrete patios are 100% customizable with the overall size, layout, and height off the ground. This can make this project seem very daunting and you want to make sure you set it up to your liking.

The one thing that you should always consider when designing your stamped concrete patio, is you want to pour your dream patio all at once the first time. Matching design and color in the future will be borderline impossible, so you want to make sure you pour your patio big enough the first time.

When thinking about size, it is important to consider everything you want to use the patio for and to make sure you have enough room to fit everything on, without feeling overwhelmed or too busy.

Here are some typical uses of a stamped concrete patio, and the typical area size needed.

  • Table and chairs – anywhere from 10×10 to 16×16 area.
  • Firepit area – normally anywhere from 12×12 to 14×14
  • Grilling station – 5×5 area and up
  • Hot tub – Typically 10×10
  • Lounging area – As much room as desired

Here are some questions to consider to help guide you on selecting the right patio size:

  1. Is my patio my private oasis? If so you may want to consider a smaller bistro-style patio.
  2. Do I want to entertain guests on my new patio?
  3.  How do I envision myself using my patio?
  4. If you have kids do you want to design a play area?

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Stamped Patio Layout and Placement

When designing your stamped concrete patio, you will want to consider things such as the shape and location of the patio in your backyard. Much like your home where it wouldn’t feel natural to have your dining room, living room, tv area, kids entertainment area, etc all in one big rectangular room, you want to think about your outdoor space the same way.

Start to think about all the uses of your stamped concrete patio that you want to accomplish, and start to think of how you want to break those areas up. Do you want a separate dining area from your relaxing and lounging spot? Do you want a place for entertaining and a separate place to relax and unwind?

Some things to consider for patio layout and placement are:

  • Amount of sun in different areas of your backyard
  • Placement for views
  • Areas for privacy

Stamped concrete is meant to imitate natural rock and stone. So you want it to feel natural. You can do this by incorporating natural curves and separate areas on the patio depending on their use.

Stamp Designs

For this section, it is all about personal preference. Often, people will have these questions about which stamped concrete design to choose:

Are some designs more durable than others?

Is there a cost difference between designs?

The answer to these types of questions for Cesar’s Concrete is a no.

Here are the different design options for Cesar’s Concrete:

Heavy Stone

Italian Slate

Italian Slate Salmon Colored


Majestic Ashlar

Shiny Stamped Patio


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Stamped Concrete Color Options

Now that you have your stamped concrete design, it is time to choose your color. When working with stamped concrete, there are two colors that you need to consider:

  1. Base color: This is the color that you will see in the majority of the concrete. This color is mixed in at the concrete ready mix plant and is colored throughout the concrete.
  2. Release color: The release color is applied during the stamping process to the top of the concrete. This color will go into the deeper crevasses of the stamped concrete and give it a two-tone effect.

Here is a picture to help illustrate how this process works:

For the complete list of colors, visit our supplier’s website: https://www.solomoncolors.com/documents/solomon/color-cards/Solomon-Colors-Ready-Mix-Colors.pdf

Want help designing your stamped concrete patio? CLICK HERE to schedule a consultation with our team.

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Stamped Concrete Patio Add On’s

  1. Fire Pits – A fire pit for cozy nights to enjoy roasting marshmallows and making memories with family and friends.

    1. Gas lines can be run prior to the pour of stamped concrete for gas fire pits.
    2. A custom wood burning fire pit can be masoned on top of your stamped concrete
    3. A moveable fire pit is a good choice for an area that will be a flex use

2) Pergolas And Gazebos – Want to spend time outdoors but need a break from the sun? A pergola or Gazeebo may be what you need,

3) Seating Walls – Want a way to separate an area, add extra seating, and add a whole new level of design? You may want to consider seating walls. They can be made from stamped concrete or from natural stone after the patio is poured.

4) Patio Lighting – Patio lighting will make your patio turn into a great place to hang out at night and will really help your project stand out. You can consider overhead lighting, or hard-wired lights installed in retaining walls or even concrete steps.

5) Border Options – When finishing your stamped concrete patio, ask your concrete installer about adding a smooth border option. Here is what that looks like:

Walkway Contractor

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