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The Cons of Stamped Concrete

The ultimate goal of most homeowners is to have a beautifully landscaped yard and garden. As a homeowner, you are very proud of your manicured lawn, colorful flower garden, and perfectly painted white picky fence encompassing your property. Naturally, you blush when friends and neighbors compliment your flowers and well-kept lawn. But it is a rare occasion when somebody compliments the beauty of a patio or walkway. More often than not, your concrete patio or walkway is overlooked as part of your landscaping, and there are obvious reasons why. While a concrete slab is well served as a patio or walkway, it isn’t anything unique that sets your yard apart from others. But if you were to have a stamped concrete patio or walkway, it will certainly add a very unique touch to your outdoor space.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is an easy way to create concrete that is beautiful, creative, and unique. It is a great way to make your patio or walkway look like expensive pavers, bricks, or other designs. After the concrete is poured, a contractor used stamps to press patterns into the cement. They may also add color to the mixture before it is poured as an added element to the overall look of the finished product.

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There are several advantages to using stamped concrete. For example, stamped concrete is an easy process, and it is far less labor-intensive than installing pavers. It is also a less expensive option than pavers and other materials. However, even though it is an easy process to install stamped concrete, there is still plenty of room for error, and other problems can occur with the finished project.

The Cons of Stamped Concrete

Cracks Can Develop– Stamped concrete will not last forever, and it will eventually start to crack. If the concrete was not correctly installed, you could start seeing cracks in your stamped concrete sooner than later.

Cleaning and Resealing– Stamped concrete should be cleaned on a regular basis to keep it looking nice, and it should also be resealed every two to three years.

Difficult to Repair– Once a stamped patio is poured, it is permanent, and you have to learn to live with chips, cracks, and other imperfections because repairs are difficult and expensive.

Damaged by Ice– The freeze/thaw cycles are especially hard on stamped concrete and will cause cracks over time. De-icing salts are also a culprit as it can also cause damage.

Slippery When Wet– Stamped concrete can be slippery, especially when it is wet. Slippery stamped concrete can be a safety concern.

Avoid Heavy Loads– You will want to avoid storing heavy loads on stamped concrete because it could cause cracks and other damage.


There are other patio and walkway choices should you decide that stamped concrete has too many potential problems. One option is interlocking pavers, which look great and will last a long time. Pavers are also a good choice because if there is damage at any point, all you need to do is replace the damaged pavers individually.

Natural stones are also another material you can use for your patio or walkway. Natural stones are beautiful, unique, and will last a long time. But, of course, they are also an expensive option, so that is something you have to take into consideration.

You can also choose to have a wood deck installed instead of a cement patio. A wood deck is an affordable option, and it will give your backyard a more natural look. However, budget-friendly timber has a relatively short life span, and it needs to be well-maintained.

Exploring the Myths of Stamped Concrete

While there are several cons associated with stamped concrete, there are also myths about the product that might be keeping you from choosing this material for your patio or walkway. And while it is quite valid to reject stamped concrete based on the cons, it would be a shame to dismiss it because of perceived problems.

Homeowners will wonder if stamped concrete looks fake. Stamped concrete is very realistic looking partly because the molds are made from the actual materials they represent. In order to achieve a natural look, stamped concrete is colored to ensure a natural-looking finish. Better still, stamped concrete might look like a wood deck, but you don’t have to deal with splintering wood. Stamped concrete that looks like pavers is great because you don’t have to deal with weeds growing between the joints.

Some people might think that stamped concrete won’t last as long as standard concrete. But just like traditional concrete, stamped concrete will last for several decades if it is properly installed and maintained.

If you have any questions or concerns about a stamped concrete patio or walkway, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

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