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Updating Your Concrete Garage Floor

garage floorYour garage floor is something you don’t really think about a whole lot. In fact, you kind of take it for granted. Of course, because it houses your car and a slew of other items, it is on a rare occasion that you probably even see the garage floor. But when you pull the vehicles out of the garage to give it a good cleaning, you notice that the floor is dirty, stained, and, in general, looks awful. And while most people merely shrug their shoulders and ignore it, you want to know if there is something you can do short of replacing your concrete garage floor that will make it look better. Actually, there are several options for updating your garage floor.

A Neglected Floor

You probably never go more than a week without cleaning the floors in your house. The carpeted rooms get vacuumed on a regular basis and deep cleaned every few months. The tiled and wood floors get swept and mopped regularly. You even get on your hands and knees to scrub the bathroom floors. But when was the last time you gave your garage floor a good scrub down? You might be too embarrassed to answer that questions.

When your carpeted areas are looking drab and outdated, you have new carpet installed. When your tiled floor in the kitchen looks terrible, you have it replaced. But your garage floor is concrete, and it will last a very long time, so it is not necessary or cost-effective to have it replaced, so you need options to make it look modern and new.

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A Good Cleaning

Cleaning your garage floor is one of those tasks that you rarely add to your list of things to do. And if it does happen to make it on the list, you always have a reason to ignore it. Unfortunately, your garage floor is subject to a number of accidents, traffic, and other incidences in which it gets terribly dirty. And by simply ignoring it, it only gets dirtier and looks even worse. So stop making excuses and clean that garage floor.

You can start by clearing away everything on your garage floor and giving it a good sweep. In fact, we suggest that you sweep it a couple of times to ensure it is free from loose dirt and dust. From there, get a long-handled brush and scrub down the floor with a bucket of hot water and some good soap. You can also use a power washer to clean it off.

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Without a doubt, this will not leave your garage floor sparkly clean; and there will be stains that need extra attention. There are several ways in which you can get stains out of your garage floor; all you have to do is research the best ways to do so. For example, paint drops can be easily removed using a scraper. Once your garage floor is good and clean, you can now update it.

Concrete StainStaining the concrete floor of your garage is a popular method to enhance and update the look. Concrete stains penetrate the concrete, producing a permanent color that will not fade and will last for a very long time. And because stains are versatile, it is quite easy to establish a look that is both unique and eye-popping.

Concrete Paint– For the budget-minded homeowner who desires a garage floor that looks fantastic, you can utilize concrete paint. In addition to being inexpensive, painting your garage floor will result in a look that is modern, light-reflective, and easy to clean. Painting your garage floor will also help protect it against stains and mold.

Coverings– There are several floor covering options that work very well on concrete garage floors. Coverings are a good option if your garage floor is damaged. Ridgid tiles are stiff tiles that snap together to give your garage floor an all-new look. They are sturdy, durable, and easy to clean. There are several types of tiles from which to choose and will give your garage floor a unique look. Other coverings include rollout mats, flexible interlocking tiles, and vinyl tiles.

Epoxy and Sealers– Epoxy floor coatings are a popular choice because the result is a seamless and highly durable garage floor. It also reduces damage that comes from the harsh treatment we give our garage floors. Concrete sealers are similar to paint but will last a lot longer. They are also inexpensive ad can be easily applied with a roller or brush.

All-New Space

Your garage is a part of your living space, and therefore it should not be neglected. Not only will your updated garage floor look great, but it will also be a talking point when you decide to put your home on the market. Imagine a potential buyer checking out the garage and noticing the great-looking floor. Of course, if you do have damage to your garage floor, get it repaired before you get it updated with a new look.

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