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Warranty and Terms

New Concrete Warranty Information

  • Concrete cracks are warrantied within the first year if the crack is at least 1/4″ wide and represents at least 30% of the total length of the slab where cracking does occur. Yes, concrete does crack! Concrete is not like going to a local hardware store and buying a preassembled hammer or other item. Concrete is a mixture of aggregates and chemicals and is dependent on many conditions like weather and ground type.
  • For that reason, not all parts of installing concrete are controlled and can not be warrantied for hairline cracks, shrinkage cracks, or spider cracks. We do not like cracking either and that is why we do our best on the things we can control. We install a proper base, we compact the ground, we install reinforcement like rebar and fiber, and we put concrete control joints in the hope we can control where the concrete cracks. All of these things will help to ensure your concrete stays in the best shape possible and will last as long as possible.
  • Sometimes there can be small holes in the concrete that are not covered by a warranty. Most of the time this is caused when a piece of the aggregate mixed into the concrete has gotten loose on the surface and popped out. This is nothing to worry about as it does not damage the integrity of the slab.
  • Cesar’s Concrete is not responsible for filling in voids that the concrete forms have created during the installation process. It is recommended that the homeowner buys a small amount of dirt or rock and fills any holes that may be present after the concrete work is done to fill in spots that the forms or stakes created.
  • Cesar’s Concrete is not responsible for damaging or creating holes in any unexposed sprinkler lines, electrical lines, and any other lines where construction will take place.
  • If sprinkler lines are damaged during construction, Cesar’s Concrete team can fix these issues which will be billed based on an hourly rate of $40 per hour which includes drive time,  and installation time.
  • Ground conditions and the Colorado winter’s freeze/thaw cycles can cause heaving during the winter months. When the ground thaws, the concrete should return to normal height in warmer months. Cesar’s Concrete does not cover this in warranty and can not guarantee that the freeze/ thaw cycle will not have an effect on the new concrete.
  • Personal property – If employees of Cesar’s Concrete accidentally break any personal property, this will be handled on a case by case basis, and most times the property will be replaced if it is deemed it is due to the negligence of the company employees. It is always recommended to remove any fragile possessions away from the construction site to avoid things like this happening.

Concrete Tear Out Information

  • When tearing out concrete, it is not possible to tell how deep the existing concrete is, and if it is reinforced or not. For that reason, all of Cesar’s Concrete’s estimates include tearing out concrete that is 4″ thick and is free of any reinforcement. This represents the majority of concrete that is torn out. However, if the concrete is thicker than 4″ thick and/or does have reinforcement, this will lead to extra tear-out charges to be determined by Cesar’s Concrete.
  • When tearing out concrete that is connected to or next to existing masonry work, siding, or anything else. We can not guarantee that the existing material will stay in contact and will not warranty the replacement of the existing material if it falls apart during construction.

Concrete Clean Up Process

  • Concrete clean-up includes removing forms, stakes, concrete splatters to the best of our ability, wheelbarrows, trash, and any other tools or mess that is caused by Cesar’s Concrete. We do our best to keep the job site as clean as possible every day.
  • Concrete clean-up will take place within one week after the pour. We try our best to clean jobs up within two business days but sometimes our busy schedule does not allow this to happen. We almost never pick up the job site the day of the pour to avoid making any damage to the newly placed concrete. If this is an issue please contact us and we can make try to make prior arrangements before the pour if possible.
  • In the event that there are concrete splatters on a house, fence, or any personal belongings let Cesar’s Concrete know as soon as possible. In most cases, almost all splatters can be cleaned off with a pressure washer. In order to avoid making a mess, Cesar’s Concrete will place plastic on surrounding areas that are at high risk of getting concrete splatters.


  • Cesar’s Concrete takes payment on the day of the pour for the total invoiced amount. There is still clean-up that needs to be done, and sometimes sealing the concrete if that is included in the estimate, but that does not change the policy of full payment is due on the day of the pour.
  • The final invoice will be based on the square footage poured. If the area is larger than what was estimated, Cesar’s Concrete will use the new square foot and the same square footage price to determine the quote.
  • If the square footage is smaller than estimated, there may need to be an increase in cost per square foot so please contact us if this is a concern or if you’re thinking of making your project smaller than quoted.
  • Payment forms are cash, check, or credit card (3% fee)

Stamped and Colored Concrete

  • Stamped concrete can have imperfections that are done during the stamping process. Stamping errors do happen, but we found that it is very rare that there is a flaw that is too noticeable after the sealer is applied to take away from the beauty of stamped concrete. We always strive for perfection, but in reality, there is normally a couple of very small details in each stamped job that did not turn out 100% perfect and they may be too small for most people to ever notice them. There is no warranty with stamped concrete flaws, but we can do patches on larger areas.
  • Concrete sealer can make the stamped concrete slippery when wet. We do not take responsibility if any slips and falls on stamped concrete.


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