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When Buying a New Home, Have a Complete Vision

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If you are having a new home built this summer, we would like to congratulate you on a wise investment. But when you are in the process of designing your new home, you might be overlooking several important features. Let’s face it, the bulk of your focus is going to be on the interior; it’s more fun thinking about the type of countertops you will have installed in the kitchen and the kind of flooring you want in the living room than it is thinking about your backyard and how that will look. We are here to tell you that you will save money and time when you have a complete vision and consider hardscape and concrete options for your outdoor space.

Clean Slate

When you are purchasing a newly built home, you really are starting off with a clean slate. This is great, but there is a downside. When you buy a home that has been around for a while, you take for granted all of the work that has already been done. For example, an older home probably already has a nice concrete patio, a little landscaping, and perhaps even a walkway through the garden or a built-in fire pit. A newly built home might have plans for a patio, but that might be it. And a newly built house will not have any of the great features that make your outdoor space fun and functional.


Stop for a moment and think about all of the features you might find in an older home. Close your eyes and picture the large patio and walkway through the garden. There might even be a fire pit or water feature. No doubt, there are features you want for your outdoor space that won’t come with the new home you are building.

Stamped and Colored Concrete Options

What is Your Vision?

It’s likely that you spent a lot of time looking through various paint colors, countertop choices, and flooring choices when having your home built. We get it, it’s an extensive list of things you have to make decisions about, and you get caught up in the excitement. You have a beautiful vision of what your home will look like and how it will function; just don’t forget to pay attention to your outdoor space as well.

Just as it makes perfect sense to have a talk with a landscape design company, it makes just as much sense to talk with your concrete contractor. Between the two companies, you are sure to come up with a plan to finish your yard. And we are quite sure you would much rather move into a home with a complete backyard with all of the features you want rather than a barren yard.

The Benefits

The most significant benefit of hiring a concrete contractor and landscape company is the money you will likely save. For example, the builders are planning on installing a small, plain concrete slab for your backyard patio, but you want something bigger and better, like a stamped and colored kidney-shaped patio instead. Unfortunately, should you wait a year or two before having your dream patio installed, the concrete company is going to have to charge you for demolishing the old patio, and extra expense that could have been avoided if you just had it installed when the house was being built.

There are other cost factors to consider as well. It might be more difficult for a concrete crew to bring equipment to your backyard after a fence is built. That could impact the final cost of your patio too. These could be costly projects that could have been priced lower if they were done at the time of your home’s construction.

If you are in the process of having your dream home built, now is the time to consider having the outdoor space completed as well, and Cesar’s Concrete is here to help. Just give us a call, and we can talk about your vision of a fun and functional backyard. So don’t let your dreams of a perfect backyard get put on hold; make that call today.


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