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Why We Love Each Of Our Northern Colorado Communities Equally

When you are a local concrete company like ours, meaning you’ve been around a while and you’re lucky enough to be able to call Northern Colorado your home, you tend to grow a certain affection for the communities which you serve.

Really, it’s tough to beat living in a place like this. You’ve got four seasons, over three hundred days of sunshine every year, a majestic mountain range in our backyard, the Denver Broncos and all their glory, and some wonderful, salt-of-the-earth kind of people to boot. What’s not to like?

Okay, things are getting a little bit cramped along the Northern Colorado Front Range, we have to admit it, but us old-timers who have been here since the 80s (or longer) need something to complain about. Commutes might be a bit more stressful, and heaven knows we sure are in our vehicles going from site to site an awful lot, but that doesn’t make it so bad. We all just need to learn how to listen to some podcasts and take a load off.

Alright, we have a promised blog topic to get to, and by golly, it’s about time we get to it!

Today’s post, as the title no doubt gave away, is about our affection for each of the Northern Colorado communities which we are lucky enough to serve. Though we are based out of Johnstown, we proudly provide reliable concrete services to cities and towns like Berthoud, Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Longmont, Windsor, and pretty much everywhere in between! Today’s post is dedicated to these communities. But it’s hard to choose to focus on just one, so that’s why we thought we list some fun facts about each Colorado town for today’s post! So go on, sit back, relax, and enjoy some random Colorado community facts provided to you by your local concrete contractors of CO!

  • Loveland – Loveland is nearly 70,000 in residents! Loveland is home to the Colorado Eagles, a professional hockey team that is playing their first year in the AHL (that’s one level beneath the NHL, folks).
  • Johnstown – Johnson’s Corner is a pretty remarkable establishment. In 2003, it was featured on the WB2 Network as one of the best roadside attractions in the United States! It also played home to a scene in the 1995 movie “Larger than Life,” starring Matthew McConaughey and Bill Murray.
  • Windsor – Windsor is a great place to live, a fact that explains why so many people are moving there. The median income in Windsor is $80,512, which is fairly substantial. It also is the ideal place to talk walks, with a WalkScore® of 20.3882.
  • Fort Collins – Fort Collins was originally named “Camp Collins,” and was established as a military fort in 1864 in honor of Lt. Col. William O. Collins. Fort Collins was incorporated as a town almost a decade later, in 1863.
  • Greeley – Greeley can be found in Weld County, one of the first counties in the union to use water in order to convert the land into a top three farming (agricultural) county in the USA. It also is home to UNC, the University of Northern Colorado, and a great number of cows.
  • Longmont – Most people think of Fort Collins as the “Mecca” of craft beer country. Longmont is no slouch though, boasting 11 breweries on their own! They also have four distilleries and one cidery, which is a neat word.

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