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Why Your Local Concrete Contractors Love Concrete So Much

In posts of the past, we’ve taken the time to highlight what we love about our Northern Colorado community. Cesar’s Concrete has been serving Northern Colorado with expert concrete services for some 25 years now, and through that quarter-century of experience comes a knowledge of the people you serve. It’s no coincidence that we’ve stuck around in Colorado for so long; we love the people we provide work for. And, if the fact that we are still here and business is good is any indication, people like the work our Johnstown company does for them.

In past posts, we’ve also taken the time to highlight our variety of concrete services. From stamped concrete driveways to colored concrete patios and a variety of commercial concrete projects in between, there isn’t much someone can call us about without us being able to provide an affordable concrete solution to their issue.

Our Affection For Concrete

If you are in need of a free consultation right now, you might as well skip the rest of this blog and reach out to us for exactly that. If, however, if you are interested in reading a post by a concrete contractor that isn’t likely to be found anywhere else, we’d recommend you read on, because we are sharing two of our favorite poems about concrete (yes, that’s a thing) in today’s post. Keep reading if you are as fanatical about your affection for concrete as we are here at Cesar’s Concrete of Northern Colorado!

Ode To A Concrete Floor

Poured in a slab, four inches thick

Troweled level and allowed to dry

Oh, concrete floor, when I fall on you

You bring a tear to my eye

On summer days you sweat with me

In humidity and heat

In frigid winter, like Jack Frost

You chill my stockinged feet

Oh, concrete floor, just yesterday

You broke my favorite mug

If I had some extra cash

I’d cover you with a rug  – Kelly Kurt

We wanted to share this delightful Kelly Kurt poem because, namely, it involves someone getting emotional over concrete. While we don’t want it to seem like we are getting teary-eyed over every single concrete project we complete, we like this post because it describes some interactions people have with concrete. However, it is slightly negative. We don’t love that part, as much as we respect Kelly Kurt’s work. We do not like the part where it talks about covering concrete with a rug either, because we offer stamped concrete solutions that make whatever concrete you have installed in your home about the furthest thing away from an “eyesore” that you’ll find. Still, lovely work Kelly.


I got up this morning as fresh as could be

And opened the curtains in front of me

To be so astonished of what I could see

The weeds had grown almost instantly

It was only two weeks since I killed them you see

Now I’m not a big gardener and never will be

But I do cut the grass and that’s enough for me

I think the time has come to finish these weeds

To dig up the garden and fill with concrete

As much as I like my lawn to be seen

I hate the thought of pulling up weeds – Kevin Glenn

We included this poem by Kevin Glenn because it’s summer out, and how often are you going to find a poem that talks about the current season and concrete! Not often, we’d surmise. While Kevin talks about concrete mostly in terms of it being a solution for avoiding yard-work, we respect the desire to have concrete installed in a home all the same. However, we’d again like to submit the idea that concrete doesn’t have to be this kind of negative solution. Concrete patios, walkways, or driveways can add value to your home while improving its curb appeal. And yes, we are certainly biased, but we are also experts in concrete. So we’d like to throw in our two cents on the matter!

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